Vaccinations are an important part of your pets’ preventative health care.
After the primary course, annual booster vaccinations are required for dogs, cats and rabbits to maintain protective levels of immunity against infectious diseases.
To comply with datasheet recommendations, on which vaccine manufacturers obtain a licence for the use of their vaccine, this should be given within 12 months of the previous vaccination.
The vaccine companies often give us a 3 month window (off licence) beyond the licenced 12 months, during which pets will probably still be covered if the booster is delayed. Beyond 3 months we would always advise restarting the primary course to ensure effective protection.
If you would prefer the peace of mind of knowing that boosters have been given according to licenced recommendations, or your pets’ insurance company requires vaccinations to be given in accordance with manufacturers’ datasheet, please ensure that you book an appointment for your pets’ booster within 12 months of their previous booster. Please be aware that some insurance policies can be invalidated if your pet’s booster is out of date, so please check your policy.
Serology testing is also available for some vaccines – please discuss this with your vet if you are interested.
We can assist you in remembering your pet’s booster by sending vaccination reminders. You can decide whether we do this by text, email or post. If you do not currently receive vaccination reminders or need to update your contact details so that we can send future reminders, please telephone us at the surgery and our reception team will be happy to update your details and marketing preferences.