Claiming on your pet insurance

Claiming for treatment costs

We ask that treatment is paid for at the time in the majority of cases. We will then submit a claim to your insurance company asking them to pay you back. Our insurance administrator will fill out your claim form free of charge and send it electronically where possible. Electronic submission enables your claim to be processed more quickly. Not all insurance companies offer this option so it’s a good question to ask when looking for cover.

Direct Claims

We may be able to offer the option of doing a direct claim in certain circumstances. This means we will claim the costs of treatment directly from the insurance company.
If you would like us to do a direct claim please discuss this with the vet who is looking after your pet. You would need to fill in some paperwork and you will be asked to pay your excess at the time of treatment. You will remain liable in full in the event that your insurance company declines the claim, and we would ask for prompt payment.


If you are unsure whether or not treatment will be covered, we may be able to do a pre-authorisation. Some insurance companies will give you confirmation on cover before you commit to treatment. However, pre-authorisations are not always appropriate in cases where urgent treatment is required due to the delay in receiving an answer.

In summary, pet insurance is an invaluable essential and we endeavour to make claiming back the costs of your pet’s treatment as hassle and stress free as possible.