Diet and exercise are key to maintaining the correct weight for your pet and can help to reduce the risk of many diseases and conditions. For some common conditions such as osteoarthritis, weight loss can be really important in managing your pet’s condition. Consequently, this can reduce the reliance on pain relieving medication. Maintaining a healthy body weight also significantly reduces the risk of other diseases such as diabetes.


A qualified veterinary nurse will design a personal programme specifically for your pet’s needs. Helping your pet to lose weight is not always easy. Regular reviews keep your pet on target and support you with any problems you may be experiencing.
We recommend Hills Prescription Diets which are scientifically formulated and proven. However, there are also other weight loss products proven to help your pet lose weight if they will not eat Hills. Your weight loss nurse can also advise you on how to safely exercise your pet as he or she loses the weight.

Weight loss clinics are by referral. A vet will check your pet over to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions. If all is well you will then be handed over into the care of your nurse.

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