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Facebook Reviews & Feedback

Good Morning, I just thought I would send you an email to thank you for your wonderful service and the compassion and professionalism of your wonderful staff.

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I attended with Poppy on Wednesday 29/03/17 and we saw the vet, whose name unfortunately I don’t know. I feared the worse and my fears were confirmed. The reception staff were wonderful explaining the procedures and options, I spoke with Hannah whose compassion was overwhelming. There was also a dark haired lady on the reception, who could see my distress and even grabbed my hand. I made an appointment for Thursday 30/03/17 for 17.30. Thursday came and throughout my 27 years in the police seeing and dealing with things I’m sure you could imagine, this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Your staff and particularly Hannah made this visit bearable. Hannah even came into the consultation room to take payment to protect my dignity. She even gave me a hug. At times like these you need support and understanding. Your staff provided this, above and beyond. Poppy was called Poppy because she was born on the 11th November, remembrance day. I will never forget the way your staff treated me and Poppy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Steven Adams 31/03/2017

I can’t rate this place high enough.

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We have been a customer here for several years but recently changed to another vet that was closer to home as we only have one car and was finding getting there difficult. What a mistake that was!!! We had a horrible shock with the care that was given to our elderly cat and quickly changed back to here where they supported us unbelievably as always and helped us say goodbye to our cherished old man Garfield in a kind, calm dignified way. You can’t put a price on service like this and I will never move my other cat and 2 dogs to anywhere else again. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts Emma and Andy Smith xx

Emma and Andy Smith 23/02/2017

Even though my dog gets stressed going to the Vets.. my dog is treated so well..

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I have recently purchased the Maxisheen spray for my dogs coat.. he loves it. His fur is now in tip top condition.. i will continue to buy it..seems expensive at first but it is really good value.. the Vets are lovely people..reception staff are the best..fully recommend Briar Dawn.

Jeannie McMonagle 28/08/2016

I was incredibly nervous, after a negative experience with another practice,

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and having two very nervous and sometimes difficult rabbits with an array of health problems. Both vets I have seen so far have been lovely and knowledgeable and have helped to reassure me. They have taken the time to reassure my rabbits too and explain their various conditions, treatments and potential future challenges. Thank you!

Chantelle Minchin 26/07/2016

To the poor vetinary nurse who needed gauntlets to clip the nails of my cat Cadbury, thank you so much for your kindness and patience. You truly are a treasure!

Karen Simpson 28/06/2016

thank you so much to all the staff we brought our lab to you to end her days such sensitive and caring staff -it was much appreciated!!

Cathy Harrison 21/05/2016

Wonderful practice providing amazing care. Wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else. Xx

Kate Broadbent 15/03/2017

my cat had been ran over and unfortunately died, but luckily a lovely girl took him to the vets

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to see if he was chipped ( he wasn’t chipped but luckily I found a post on Facebook that described my cat and that it had been ran over ) we had been out looking for him for 2 weeks ! To cut a long story short I went to the vets and the staff were so nice The vet asked me to email them some pictures of my cat because they did have a cat there . They said they would phone me asap to let me know , within 45 mins they confirmed the cat they had was my baby. (It was the worst outcome but at least I don’t have to live with the not knowing)🐱😇🌈 any way the vets arranged for my cat to be collected , cremated and to get his ashes back. I got his ashes back and the day after I received a beautiful and touching card in the post from vets ! The staff are all amazing and so compassionate after all a cat is part of the family ! But i will be using this vets from now on in fact I already have I have had 3 cats chipped. (If my baby that got ran over had been chipped I would have known a lot sooner ) anyway just to say a big thank you to all the staff it means a lot that you cared xxxxx

Heidi Hughes 12/12/2016

Looked after my cats. Lovey place, staff and always professional xx

Marie Hynes 18/08/2016

There have been fantastic when my Sam was diagnosed with cancer they were amazing

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answering all my questions and giving us the best care right up until the end. The best vets and staff I can’t thank them enough x

Susan Ferguson 12/07/2016

Highly recommend Briar Dawn Vets.

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Not only do they provide excellent service for the animals, all the staff are courteous and friendly. You are made to feel welcome the minute you step through the doors. Our dog Lucy was given the best care whilst our 4 year old daughter was putting on a show in reception. So patient with animals (and their owners). By far the best in the Oldham area. Thank you. We wouldn’t hesitate to go there again.

Jo Flanagan 28/05/2016

My cat had to be put down after 20 years recently and we were treated with such care and empathy.

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They were efficient and comforting, I was most grateful for them making an extremely difficult situation just little bit better.

Michaela Barnard 25/02/2016

I would like to send our thanks to Lauren and all the staff for looking after our Bichon Louie over the years.

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Your professionalism with genuine care and compassion particularly in his last few months is truly appreciated. You are a credit to your profession. Thank You and Best Wishes. John Tyreman

John Tyreman 10/02/2016

Couldn’t ask for a better vets for my dogs! So much love is given to them when there being looked after

Alex Hartley 07/03/2017

We chose this vets on a recommendation for our new Siamese kitten. They are excellent and it is such a calm and friendly environment that he was fine going there.
Very pleased.

Mark Barber 12/11/2016

Would highly recommend briar dawn. Lovely and friendly staff. Had my cavachon puppy castrated. I was so nervous for him but they put me at ease and great aftercare service. Thank you

Natalie Dunkley 09/08/2016

Would highly recommend this vets

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We had to have our fur baby put to sleep recently The staff where so kind and caring Today we received a lovely card from them So deeply touched Thank you to all the lovely staff Chrissy , Jodie and Andy xxx

Chrissy Letitia 09/07/2016

If you want the very best care for your pet from professional, caring vet staff….. then register here!

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I’ve been a client at Briar Dawn for years, with many animals and just cannot fault them! My dog absolutely loves going as the staff make him feel like part of the family xx

Lenny Palienko-Brown 27/05/2016

Were amazing with my Tilly when she went downhill,

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she stopped eating and drinking, did test after test as she just wasn’t getting better and she was already a very slim chihuahua, turned out in the end it was a tummy bug but it really got the better of her. She recieved endless love and attention, one vert that was looking after her went on holiday and asked another vet to take over her care and make sure she sorted her out soon! She even called and texted the other vet whilst on holiday to see how she was doing! Dedication and love! Thank you to all, Tilly has slowly gained weight with her special food so hopefully she can fight off any bugs much easier by herself next time xxx

Stephanie Louise Fallows 21/02/2016

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We recently moved into the area and needed a vet to look after out 18 year old cat who needed dental work. The care given to him has been second to none

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from the initial consultation, through all the follow-up appointments and the price charged for all this was fair. Everything is done in consultation with the pet owner and nothing is too much trouble. Very happy we chose Briar Dawn Vets.

Sue Burgess

Great place with such friendly staff, who are all so compassionate about animals.

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They do a great offer on a kitten package at a reasonable price. I’m in Huddersfield and prepared to travel all that way for their service.

Janine Paga

Fantastic staff, often last minute appointments for those anxious pet parents and great advice. Always my first choice!
Hilary Smith

Worth Every Penny
I’ve been going to Briar Dawn for some years now and I’ve never been in a vets as friendly, professional and caring.

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I’ve owned pets for most of my life and been to several vets in that time but Briar Dawn is by far the best of the lot. The vets here are great at explaining things to me and clearly genuinely care about the well being of the animals. I feel I can speak on the behalf of the majority of the clients here as I’ve never spoken to anyone in their waiting room that has been dissatisfied with the service they’ve received. Prices are slightly more expensive here than what you might find in some large chains, since it is an independent, but the quality of care and the expertise of the vets is so much better that the extra cost is insignificant. Briar Dawn seem to be a brilliant team and I would recommend them to anyone, personally I’d be willing to travel well outside of my area, should I move house, for them to see my pets. I’ve read a horror story on here and I find it very hard to believe fully, I think it would be interesting to get Briar Dawn’s perspective on what happened. If you want the best care for your pet this is undoubtedly the place to take them.

jas132 10/01/2014

My dogs love it at Briar Dawn! Great staff and great value!

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An excellent vets would definately recommend! My dogs love it. They have been spayed there went back the next week with waggy tails always clean and staff very caring and knowleagable.

helenfromz 07/06/2012

Fantastic Vets!

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My dogs love coming to the vets after all the dedicated attention that the vets, nurses and receptionists give to them. The regular free puppy clinics really helped 🙂

taylorboyd1 28/04/2012

“outstanding vets”

Just want to say that this place is a breath of fresh air – I felt so comfortable and so did Jarvis, and it is clear that all the staff are passionate about helping people and their pets.

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 It was clean and friendly, and I felt listened to and that they all cared about Jarvis. They did a fabulous job and he is now bouncing around again being a nuisance and Im very glad to see it. Heartily recommend this place if you want your pet to get fixed quickly and kindly.


Many thanks to the staff for keeping my dog Jasper comfortable and especially to Lauren for her kindness during his last moments.

Judith Moores

If you want the best for your pet, go to Briar Dawn
This vet practice is amazing. They are an example of how all practices should be run

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– from entering the practice, receiving a warm welcome (to you AND your pet) to the knowledge, skill and friendliness of the vets & nurses. Their motto is ‘Treating pets as family’ and they really do just that! I’ve had various pets treated at this practice over the years – dogs, cats and rabbits – and the care & love the practice staff have given to them is second to none. Do not hesitate in choosing this as your practice if you want the very best in treatment and customer care

Karen Bown 02/09/2014

Excellent service
I am trying to express my thanks for , and admiration for these fine people.

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 I returned home from shopping to find my elderly Labrador , who is slightly blind , had really hurt herself . In coming to greet me , she had thought the glass door between rooms in the house was open when it was closed . She had smashed the glass and had done a serious scalp injury . She was sat patiently with a very nasty wound just waiting peacefully for me to sort it out . ( labs , you just can’t beat em ! ) I drove her immediately to Briar Dawn and , basically , within a couple of hours she had been examined , sedated , head shaved , totally stitched up . This was not your normal stitching , it was more like putting the scalp together again . She was home again all repaired so very quickly and twenty four hours on she is none the worse , just wearing a slightly surprised look and bearing a resemblance to an extra in a movie about train crashes . Unbelievably well done Briar Dawn, thanks.

CPD123 13/08/2014

Great caring practice
My old cat had problems with eating and was becoming very thin.

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I was so worried and dreading what the vets were going to find!! It was bad sore teeth and so he had a dental and since then he is happy, cleaning himself again and eating really well, has even put on some weight and its only been a few weeks. They took so much care with him i wouldn’t take him anywhere else. THANKS for making me better luv SEBI MAC

SEBI MAC 27/11/2013

Lovely vets. We recently took our cat here with an ulcer on her eye and were more than happy with the service.

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The vet was lovely and spent time explaining the treatment to us which cleared the ulcer and infection within a week. The receptionists were very warm and welcoming making the experience pleasant for both us and our pet. Can’t fault them.

Caz13 27/05/2012

Great vets
I have been a client at Briar Dawn vets for a few years now and have always found the service and care to be top rate.

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The vets, nurses and receptionist are all really friendly and helpful and I have recommended Briar Dawn vets to all my family and friends, who all love the staff and level of care received from everybody at Briar Dawn Vets

PJEdwards 03/05/2012


A huge thankyou to Lauren and co for sorting out our border collie Fly with a nailbed infection now clear once again thanks to you all for your good work for our animls xxxx


Brill Vet Practise – cannot recommend these people enough

Sharon L'Amie

Life savers!
Briar Dawn Veterinary center have been outstanding with my 10 month old beagle! i couldnt praise them more!!

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 I took him in due to him being off his food and sleepy and from the second i walked in i was put at ease (my beagle is my baby) welcoming smiles at reception, seen by the most amazing vet who took jenson into her arms and treated him instantly, he was admitted for a few days which i was on the phone every 2 hours to get updates nothing was to much, several times his vet should of gone home at 4 and was still with him at 8. they wouldnt give up they ran lots of tests and their indepth knowledge finally diagnosed him with a rare illness called beagle pain syndrome (when speaking to another vet they hadnt even herd of it) and was started on medication for this instantly and 2 days later he is home with me eating and drinking and improving every minute. During the time of the tests they discovered he had a twisted spleen and had surgery. They constantly kept me updated and his wound is neat and healing well. I couldnt reccomend them more! Amazing!!! He is now having reviews every week and is always greated with open arms from the vets….. he still enjoys going to the vets, tail doesnt stop wagging, i think that says everything!

lilred 27/07/2012

Pets do come first
As I write this review I feel very emotional.

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 We have had the worst week of our lives since our dog Loui who means the world to us became critically ill after I gave him a bone which got stuck in his abdomen and chest. In just 6 days Jocelyn has performed 3 operations on him with the help of Jacqui who is a wonderful nurse. One to remove bones from his abdomen, life saving open chest surgery which she had never performed before and is usually done by a specialist surgeon and another life saving emergency operation as his organs had stuck together. The love and care that Jocelyn, Jacqui the nurse, Becky the vet, the nurses and reception staff at Briar Dawn have given him over the last week is exceptional. Loui had his Open Chest Surgery on the Saturday so had to spend the weekend in the Bury Vet/Hospital who also did a wonderful job. On Monday Jocelyn arranged for Loui to spend each day with her at the vets so her and her staff could look after him their selves and he could come home with us at night. There have been times this week when we have turned up to the vets in tears when we thought we were going to lose him, but each time Jocelyn has had another option to try. Jocelyn and the staff have reassured us and done wonders to make him well again. This Thursday when he had another emergency operation he was very ill afterwards. On Friday and Saturday Jocelyn gave us a care plan with enough medicines to see him through the weekend as she knew how much we wanted him home. Thankfully, he has improved over weekend but we have a long way to go. There are not enough words to say how grateful me and my family are to Jocelyn the Vet/Owner of this practice and Jacqui the nurse [who has nursed Loui from the beginning] for saving Loui’s life and we are so grateful to them both and Becky the vet, and all the lovely, caring nurses and reception staff who have been so caring towards us during our difficult time. Jenny one of the nurses even groomed loui one day to give him a bit of a pampering so he would feel better. I would not hesitate in recommending Briar Dawn to anyone. They aren’t just a vet practice they are people who genuinly care about their pets and clients. Jocelyn and the nurses are lovely and the reception staff are so friendly and can’t do enough to help you. One morning last week when we took Loui in for his day stay he ran into the back of the practice on his own wagging his tail. Now that says it all. Keelley Wylie

Louiewylie 28/11/2012

The lovely staff saved my dogs life.They are all fantastic

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I can’t thank all the staff enough for what they have done for my dog loui. They have treated him as their own. If you want a vets that puts your pet first then use Briar Dawn

loui 28/11/2012

Very Very Good
I have nothing but praise for this vets.The vets, nurses and receptionists all make you feel really welcome.

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They always take time to listen and you don’t feel rushed in your appointment. They explain everything well and I like that they give me the options and tell me the cost before they do anything. If you are looking for cheap vets then look somewhere else but if you want the best for your pets you cannot get better than this – and I have been to a few different ones over the years.

AFearnley 12/05/2012

“Happy to recommend”

I’ve been with the practice since it opened. They’ve treated all 4 of my cats plus a stray I brought in. Without exception the staff have been lovely.

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They are very caring and everything is carefully explained. Innovative ideas and a holistic approach to veterinary care.


Reviews on Google

Briar Dawn Veterinary Centre
Reviewed from Google

4.8 out of 5 stars

Beth Watson
Beth Watson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Briar Dawn has been my vet for a few years now and the staff are all so loving and caring. I recently had to put my dog to rest but I could not of gotten nicer vet or staff to be around. Upon picking up his ashes I didn't have to say a word at reception as they will remember who you are and love your pets too. They are professional yet so considerate as I balled my eyes out the receptionist gave me the biggest hug, which is just what I needed.

Gail Reeves
Gail Reeves

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

I have rescue dogs and they deal with them superbly unfortunatly lost one couple of a weeks ago...the care and kindness they all showed was up and beyond. Helped me deal with the awful choice i had to make. So huge thank you to all staff.

Debbie Green
Debbie Green

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Lovely practice. All the staff are so caring and generous with their time. My vet Rob, is a lovely bloke. Obviously it's going to cost an arm and a leg, it's prices are the same as other vets, but you feel like your furbaby is cared for/about, which many practices don't.