Pet insurance

Pet insurance

Why should I insure my pet?

In recent years, veterinary medicine has become increasingly more advanced. We are able to diagnose and treat conditions that in the past would have been left undetected, sometimes with fatal consequences. However, this more advanced treatment can be costly.
One of the hardest positions we find ourselves in is when an owner is unable to afford the treatment cost and has to opt for a less effective option. That’s where pet insurance can provide the peace of mind that you do not have to make these difficult decisions, allowing you to focus on caring for your pet.

Is it important to choose the right pet insurance?

As with all insurance, premiums vary significantly and depend on a number of different factors. It is important to select an insurance policy that provides a long term commitment to the health of your pet. It’s extremely important to get this right from the outset. In our experience, if you don’t purchase the right policy early on you may struggle to switch to a better policy at a later date. This is because any conditions you have claimed for previously will be classed as pre-existing and cover for these will not be provided by the new insurer.

Which plan and insurance is right for you?

Not all insurance policies are equal – to help point you in the right direction when choosing a policy always ask these three questions:

  • Does this policy cover congenital, hereditary, hip related, dental and behavioural conditions? Ideally it should.
  • Is there a time or monetary limit on how long this policy will cover ongoing conditions for? There should be no limitations apart from an annual claim limit which should be refreshed on the policy anniversary date.
  • If I claim will you increase my premium? Ideally, the insurer should not penalise you for claiming.  Note, however, that all insurers increase prices annually on the policy anniversary date.

Why not try before you buy…

A handful of insurer’s offer 4 – 6 weeks’ free cover which gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet is covered while you research and decide on a suitable policy. We are able to issue 4 weeks’ cover to pets under 12 months old who have had a full health check and procedure, e.g. vaccination, microchipping, administration of worming and/ or flea treatment or neutering.

Need more information?

For more information about insurance please give us a call or pop into the practice and speak to one of our trained insurance advisors.

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