cats vaccination

Package Deal

Give your new addition the very best start at a great price!
Our package includes a full primary vaccination course (including feline leukaemia vaccine for cats); a microchip; worm and flea treatment for the first month and a nail clip. In addition, nurse led kitten clinics are available every month for the first year.
The value of the package is around £100 but we are offering it at a fantastic price of just £60.


We strongly advise vaccinating cats against the following diseases:

  • Panleucopaenia or Feline Infectious Enteritis (FIE). Feline parvovirus causes this disease and it can prove rapidly fatal. It causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea, followed by suppression of the bone marrow. This in turn causes reduced white blood cell numbers. Kittens are at highest risk and sudden death may occur without any obvious symptoms.
  • Cat Flu is caused by two viruses:
    Feline Herpes virus.

    This can cause severe and life-threatening disease. Although many cats recover they can be left with chronic symptoms such as chronic rhinitis (runny nose). Furthermore, cats that recover from herpes virus often become carriers. These carriers intermittently shed virus into the environment for the rest of their lives. This occurs particularly in times of stress or when the immune system is suppressed for any other reason.


    This virus usually causes less severe disease and sometimes only mouth ulcers are seen. However, cats that recover from calicivirus can become carriers. Carriers will intermittently shed virus into the environment for a few weeks after recovery, but in contrast with herpes this is not usually lifelong. A more dangerous version of this virus has recently been seen in the USA and UK which can be fatal in two thirds of cases. Investigation into this new, virulent form of the virus is ongoing.

  • Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) is a common cause of illness. Most persistently infected cats will die within three years of diagnosis. Death usually occurs as a result of problems associated with depression of the immune system, anaemia or cancer. It is most common where there is a high density of cats. In particular, young cats are vulnerable. Additionally, all cats which go outdoors and can meet others are potentially at risk. The virus can be passed from a pregnant female to her unborn kittens.


Vaccination provides immunity to the cat flu viruses and FeLV for one year, so it is important to come for annual boosters. Immunity to FIE can last for up to three years after vaccination.

NOTE: We provide the FeLV vaccination at a reduced price when given alongside the primary vaccination course, or at booster time.

Vaccination Protocol

Primary course: A first vaccination can be given to healthy kittens from 8 to 9 weeks old, with a second vaccination 3 weeks later. The kitten will be protected from two weeks after the second vaccination.

Boosters are given every 12 months after the primary course.

We also provide rabies vaccination for those animals which are travelling abroad on a  Pet Passport